At Marbury & Marbury, we understand that the probate process can often be a complicated and painful process. We pride ourselves in guiding our clients through inheritance, trust, and tax matters in a professional, sensitive, and cost-effective manner.

We build relationships with our clients, and these relationship form the basis of our ability to counsel our clients toward the estate plan that is right for them; an estate plan that ensures their interests and assets are protected.

Marbury & Marbury offers the full range of legal services in connection with:

  • Probate Administration
  • Drafting Estate Planning Documents – Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Directives
  • Litigation – Contested Wills, Probate Disputes
  • Guardian ad Litem or Conservatorship – for Children or Vulnerable Adults
  • Executor Assistance
  • Inventory of Assets
  • Intestate Administration – When No Will Exists

There are also many items that pass outside the probate process, such as life insurance policies, property held in trust, and other “payable on death” beneficiary accounts. We have the experience to help you with any and all matters related to probate and estate administration.



Does your case type not fall into one of our categories?

If you’ve searched through all of our practice areas and haven’t found one that seems to apply to your legal need, please feel free to give us a call anyways. Maybe it's still something we can help you with, and if not, we may be able to direct you to an attorney who can. Contact us today for a free consultation.