Attorneys Who Care About You and Your Case

There are many good attorneys that will be able to evaluate your case, and then push the case along a direction that is generally good for you. There are fewer attorneys that will view you and your case together, have an interest in who you are, what your story is, what your goals are, and then what the situation is that leads you to consider the need for legal assistance. Here at Marbury & Marbury, we are not only partners in the practice of law, but are also brothers. We understand the importance and centrality of relationship, and it has framed the very nature of how we approach our legal practice.

At Marbury & Marbury, we believe that skipping the first step—getting to know the client—is what often gives attorneys a bad reputation. Typically, when someone is seeking legal counsel and guidance, they are at a crossroads: a conflict has arisen they don’t know how to best approach; a decision needs to be made with how to structure their personal or business affairs in order to protect theirself, their loved ones, and the product of their labor; or a loved one has passed away and they are faced with the daunting task of administering an estate, and are expected to do this in the midst of grieving their loved one’s passing.

We believe that a great attorney is one that not only has the experience, knowledge, and skill to navigate the legal processes and think through the situation, but one who does all of these things while building a valuable relationship with their client. For it is only through this relationship that all of the intangible aspects of legal representation can truly flourish.

A New Kind of Legal Practice: The Best of the Old and the New

One result of orienting our law practice around a relationship with the client is a flexibility in our approach and daily practice. We believe that there are some traditions in legal practice that are worth holding onto, and that there are some that have been too slow to adapt to the ever-changing world we live in. At Marbury & Marbury, we aim to take the best of both the old and the new in order to give our clients a level of service that is unmatched in its quality and flexibility. Here are a few examples:

  • Secure Cloud-Based Access – if you want it. In a world where we can see our loved ones in real time from anywhere in the world through our telephones, there is no reason we should be unable to access the crucial documents, case statuses, and calendars via similar technology. That is why we use secure, cloud-based storage systems with individual client access portals, enabling our clients to log in and review documents pertinent to their case, regardless of whether we are meeting with other clients, attending court, or traveling. But we also understand that not everyone wants to have to learn another password and keep track of another website, which is why we make this service available to any client, but require it of none. Just another practical example of who Marbury & Marbury keeps its focus on you, the client.
  • A Payment Option that Suits Your Preference. Whether our clients want to pay in cash, check, or credit card, we allow them the flexibility to pay how they want to pay. Electronic payment processing is available, but never required. Our clients choose how they want to receive invoices: through the mail, email, or their secure client access portal, and we use only secure payment processors to ensure your information is handled appropriately.
  • Flexible and Honest Pricing and Fee Structures. There are many different kinds of cases that our clients are confronted with, and accordingly, a “one-size-fits-all” approach to pricing and fee structures is outdated and would be a disservice to our clients. Whether you need a limited retainer service for your small business, a simple document preparation service, or long-term litigation representation, we will tailor our pricing and fees to fit your case and needs. The more we can do to give our clients a clear expectation of costs from the outset, the better.


Honest Risk Assessment

We are attorneys, not salesmen. It is never our goal to “sell” you on our representation, and our commitment is to always present our client’s situation honestly. Part of this requires that our clients know and understand that almost every legal action involves some element of risk. Our goal is to provide our clients with the information, expertise, and legal analysis to understand the potential benefits and risks of any legal action, which equips them to make informed decisions for themselves. This begins before we even agree to representation and continues throughout the duration of any course of action we undertake on our client’s behalf.

Many attorneys will tell a client whatever they want to hear in order to get a retainer and start billing hours, even if they know the likelihood of actually meeting the client’s hopes is minimal. Because our focus is on the relationship with our clients as well as the results that we can help them achieve, we never want to take a case and client’s well-earned money without ensuring that client has our honest and straightforward evaluation of both the merits and risks involved.